S.H.I.E.L.D Mentor Program


It has often been said that the most significant factor in the success of a new teacher is the new teacher-mentor relationship. As SMSD hires personnel, the role of the mentor is even more critical. The extent to which new teachers embrace the District’s culture and develop the necessary knowledge, attitudes, and skills to help us realize our vision will depend in no small part on you, your words, and your actions. The Mentor Application and Commitment Forms you have been asked to sign and attest to the importance of your work. Many of the conversations with novice teachers should focus on the direction SMSD is going, as well as the technical skills needed to get there. All learning experiences have been designed to provide you with tools to effectively and efficiently assist your new mentee.

We also need your feedback to strengthen our mentoring process for years to come. Please complete the feedback form in this handbook and respond to surveys and focus group opportunities throughout the year.  Students throughout SMSD benefit when we help each other and work together to create positive learning experiences. On behalf of SMSD and the students in your mentee’s class, THANK YOU!

Best Regards,
S.H.I.E.L.D Team


The S.H.I.E.L.D Mentoring Program strives to provide on-going, quality learning experiences that:

  • supports mentors and new teachers,
  • develops instructional leaders at all levels,

because,students deserve teachers who can teach them how to think critically and solve problems cooperatively.


A Mentor is…

  • a leader of teachers who shares the district and school’s vision
  • an experienced, successful and knowledgeable professional who willingly accepts the responsibility of facilitating the professional growth and support of a colleague through a mutually beneficial relationship
  • a teacher leader who possesses a friendly, positive attitude and a sense of humor
  • an experienced teacher whose willingness to assist and support new teachers is readily apparent in his/her attitudes, beliefs, and philosophies of teaching
  • sensitive, discreet, wise, knowledgeable, and caring


New teachers need…

  • knowledge of school and district culture, including demographics, timelines, and curriculum
  • a school community of enthusiastic advocates who are nurturing, supportive, and open
  • accessibility to supportive, informative colleagues/mentors who will guide and assist with academic and personal needs
  • support groups for reflection time with other new teachers
  • accessibility to and open lines of communication with all administrative staff
  • sensitivity of administrative staff regarding new teacher assignments and workloads
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“In learning you will teach, in teaching you will learn.”

                                                               Phil Collins