Strategic Plan & Vision

In 2009, SMSD and the City of Stafford joined together to participate in a ground level Vision and Planning project. With the assistance of Cambridge Strategic Services, parents, community members, business representatives, city council, school board and others identified strategic areas to be addressed to propel SMSD's students to the future. After careful review and consideration, the original Vision and Planning Committee approved 50 results statements to include in the Strategic Vision Plan (open the attachments below).

SMSD Vision and Planning
Strategic Vision Plan
Strategic Plan Timeline

V&P Facilities Task Force
The SMSD Vision and Planning Process that began in February 2010 led to the formation of a Vision and Planning Facilities Task Force which began meeting in September 2010. The V&P Facilities Task Force is focused on determining future facility needs required to appropriately educate our students for a successful public school experience and, more importantly, their future after high school. The V&P Facilities Task Force is made up of 25 community and district representatives who have taken specific results of the Vision and Planning Process and applied them to an educational facility study.